Services Provided

From bank deposits, jewelry and precious metals, change orders, ATM replenishment, branch shipments, and emergency cash deliveries,
B&L Security's armoured car service and armoured car transportation is synonymous with security and reliability.

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B&L Security Armoured Car

Deposit & Pick-Up Service

B&L Security can pick up your deposits and deliver them to your bank of choice seven days a week in most locations. We will also bring you coin from your bank or deliver coin from our facility if you are part of our partial coin service club.

Branch Services

B&L Security can delivery your cash and coin during the day or at night depending on your needs. We can remove envelopes from your ATMs and deposits from your night drop and deliver them to a central processing site.

Coin Storage

B&L Security can store large amounts of coin for Banks, Credit Unions or any company looking to free up space.


ATM Services

B&L Security can load and service many types of ATM’s at reasonable rates. We can fix cash jams, receipt jams, card jams and most other issues with a quick response time to assure your ATM has as little down time as possible.

Partial Coin Service

B&L Security can save your valuable time by delivering any amount of coin that you require. No more long waits at the bank filling your coin orders, send us an order and it will be there the next day or sooner if you are in a crunch.

Coin Processing

B&L Security can process anything from transit and parking meter coin to vending machine and fundraising coin. Our processing will save you valuable time that you can put towards more important projects.


Services provided by fully trained uniformed armed guards 
all meeting provincial security clearance regulations.